- Sexuality Workshops  and Groups for Men -


​10 Week Closed Fixed Groups

​At various points throughout the year, I run a closed fixed group of 5-8 men that meets once a week for 10 weeks to explore, in more depth, our sexualities through a dynamic group encounter.


The focus of each group will be on how we experience being sexual in all its different manifestations, including our relationship to sex, power, sexual roles and fantasies.

The invitation for this 10-week process, in particular as the group gets to know and trust each other more, is to access parts of ourselves that we are less able/willing to share socially or in one-off workshops.

Inevitably, this process may touch on our past experiences, our family dynamics and our different cultural and social backgrounds, and how they shaped us to be the sexual beings that we are today. 

Groups provide a great opportunity for insight, learning and healing through experiences of connection, understanding and generosity.  Equally, most in-depth group processes also include experiences of anxiety, frustration and conflict, which again provide rich opportunities for growth and self-development.

Group Structure

The group will be made up of a fixed number of men (usually between 5-8).  There will be no new members once we have started.

Besides a short group exercise in some sessions, the majority of each session will be a free-style discussion. 

A free-style discussion allows for our patterns to emerge and be examined, in ways that aren’t often possible in structured groups. 

This will be a non-physical contact group process.

Group Details

Duration: 10 consecutive Saturdays with a break after the fifth Saturday.

Fee:  £250 

Joining a group

​Before joining an upcoming group (or any future group), it is helpful to have attended at least one of my drop-in fortnightly workshops on Tuesday evenings (see the upcoming topics here), in order to get a flavour or how the group works, and whether a longer term group is something that you would benefit from.

If for whatever reason you are unable to attend a drop-in workshop first and you would still like to join, then we can arrange a short face to face assessment so that we can meet.

​If you have any questions, or if you would like to join an upcoming group, please email me at: