How it works

- Sexuality Workshops  and Groups for Men -

What are the workshops about?

The workshops are spaces for gay/bi men to meet and discuss topics around themes of sex and sexuality, which aren't often discussed in open and authentic ways.  

What to expect? 

Expect to meet a group of interesting men in a relaxed, safe setting. Most of the time at the gatherings will be allocated to a freestyle group discussion, which is a sharing based on personal experiences.  

The rationale behind a freestyle discussion is that it allows us to explore not only the topic of each workshop, but also the process of how we normally engage in a group.  The invitation is to experiment with different ways of being in a group, by finding out what usually makes us anxious in group settings, and what roles do we play to deal with that anxiety.

There are two equally valid ways of participating in the discussion: not speaking and speaking.  There is no pressure to participate in a particular way, however, how we participate in each discussion is something to consider.  Sometimes, depending on the topic we carry out a group exercise.

What not to expect? 

Open Connection is not a debating society, and so we stay away from discussing intellectual or psychological theories. The workshops also are not heart circles or sharing circles - the intention of a freestyle discussion is that all interactions and exchanges (even if difficult, tense or heated) that are constructive to gaining more insight are welcome.  Finally, the workshops are not traditional group therapy, which is a longer process, often in a fixed group.   

What is the point of these workshops?

  • exploring topics on sex and sexuality and how we relate to them in our lives;
  • deepening self insight and learning from other men's experiences; 
  • observing how we usually function in a group: ​
    • What are our normal defences?  
    • How do we usually like people to perceive us?  ​

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